December 16, 2012

Assault Weapons: It's More than About Time

Also: And the Shots Just Keep On Coming

Let's face it. Call it Reaganomics, or Corporatized Top-Down Socialism, or Bastardized Capitalism, it could not be sustained. And redoing taxes and regulatory structure with a view to competition formation, as opposed to being takers from entry-barrier protected existing businesses, is a foundational imperative, and not something that will give a Clintonesque boom in 4 years.

The politicians in power have to do something else in these years if they want their actions in these years to be remembered. It is more than time to recognize the following:

1. Assault weapons are not part of culture, as these semi-automatic weapons are not animal hunting stuff.
2. If ever a Government were to get tyrannical, it cannot be overthrown by people possessing these weapons by forming a militia. Civil Disobedience will work much better.
3. There are a lot of mentally deranged people out there, because America forces people into perfect social behavior on the outside, no matter how they feel about something on their inside. Furthermore, the American psycho-social system considers it normal for an individual to think that s/he is one against the rest, and that s/he will have to snatch his/her place in America, while appearing calm on the outside. Individual is encouraged to link every happening to themselves ("he sticking it in to me") rather than realize that s/he is not the center of the Universe other people are fixated on.
4. Constitution is not the same thing as the Bible or the Quran that it is fixed forever.
5. You let a guy buy a sexy gun over the counter, and he can go on rampage after oiling it a few years or months. If he has issues in his head, all the more.

Please get us riddance from these assault weapons, safety of our children in schools and our own selves in malls and cinemaplaces is anyday more important than a new economic boombubble or saving or paying a little more taxes.

There is no prosperity without there being life first, and some surity that it will be conserved. There is disagreement whether aborting a foetus is infanticide. But there is none that killing of children is toddlercide. And such mass toddlercides cannot occur without these deadly weapons that have no business in the hands of civilian population. Ban these weapons. No culture, religion or constitution is frozen in time. These are no hunting weapons, and these won't overthrow no Gov. But these are enabling and easing the massacre of our children by madmen. By all means work on the culture of perfect exterior behavior or any other aspect of social life that is causing so many deranged individuals, but get rid of these assault weapons from the of YESTERDAY. This is a leadership legacy begging to be made. There is not much else today, tax code overhaul, howsoever much needed, won't make a legacy. It won't make an instant boom to control the deficit. Assault weapon ban is the thing to do even if it fails. But why should it fail?

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