August 27, 2012

And The Shots Just Keep on Coming..

Below is the picture of the gun that was used in one of the mass shootings lately. There is one coming every few weeks, and this is horrendous. And especially their occurence in schools is the most horrifying.
This gun will not help any revolution against any Government, but this toyish gun looks easy to use on innocent people and children, firing a volley of bullets as simple as accelerating a car. This is not a hunting gun either.

So what's the point of keeping oneself and one's children unsafe by allowing the sale of such weapons over the counter? When wars are fought with other countries to avenge a mass murder, why no move to ban automatic and semi-automatic assault weaponry. If "guns don't kill people, only people do" then the same should be true of WMDs.

Suicidal gun laws - that make no sensible, philosophical point at all - are the real and present danger than any others - this and that country, humanism, peopleism, socialism, and what have you. NONE are more dangerous than domestic, causeless terrorists that can buy these easy-to-use automatic weapons and their reloads by just walking into a shop. It is most ironic that the very '''philosophers''' that show the most vociferous concern for "kids and grandkids" are the most vehement supporters of 'gunsmanship'. How nonsensical it is when you drop your children off to school, switch the TV on upon getting back, and learn about a shootout at a school out there, with its blow-by-blow account. Is this supposed to be entertainment? Is it a James Bond movie?

Genetically modified food, products from animals raised on unnatural diet, mentally deranged kids and adults, easy access to automatic guns and ammunition - are quite a self annihilating complex, more dangerous than any 'enemy' outside, I think. Minor differences over economic organization are not the issue of the time. Detoxing society of non-traditional automatic and semi-automatic weapons is. We owe it to ourselves and to God, the lifegiver, as to our kids, and grandkids to come.

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