August 30, 2012

National Self-Concept, Top-Down Business Welfare & Entrenched Economic “Superstars”

It always amazes me that the Government is held responsible for jobs created or lost in the economy, even as it gets rapped for paying retirement support to the old and for spending money on wholistic child education. Bailouts of financially failed companies are universally resented, yet failure pre-emption through credits, subsidies and tax cuts get the cheers. The Government is expected to be “Business friendly” and such ‘friendliness’ includes doling out welfare to business. Sometimes, a general carpet spending is advocated, so the businesses can 'survive'.

The germ of thought that underlies these disguised bailouts is that the people running businesses need to be assured of the income that they have been making, indeed of growth thereto, in order to stay motivated to continue in business. Like they have no ability to adjust to changed demand and pricing scenario, and that the top shots in these entities will not, and should not be expected, to take cuts in their "profit/performance-linked income" in line with the new surplus these businesses are able to generate. The bailed out banks were soon paying their Executives the same money that they made before they nearly drove their respective companies into the ground. The deeper thought seems to have been “what will we do if they choose not to continue in their job?”

It takes a deeply pessimistic self-concept as a pool of humans to not be able to think beyond the current “superstars”, to ‘maintain’ their “stardom”even when it has actually become fiction. Such things as suppressing the news of death or inertness of a ruler are found in countries that have been forced to attribute all their achievement unto one person. Like it were acountry largely of morons that will not throw up another competent leader.

This author calls for shedding of pessimism, seeing today’s worker as tomorrow’s confident and able entrepreneur and the executive, and an end to corporate and executive welfare policies. Top-Down Corporate maintenance assaults the importance of the highly productive and smart worker to the Enterprise, burying such people in the swarm and number of the "employed", with 'employment' effectively reduced to a corporatized welfare dole with an Employee ID. That any welfare needs be directly delivered to the individual rather than through employers, including early retirement to make way for younger workers to get into the workforce and chase the American Dream. I do support cutting file pushing, procedures, as also paperwork regulations, as the other leg of the unshacklement of the young and the ambitious, as also towards deficit management.

If nation states are now supposed to serve the Multinational Corporate States as suppliers of workers, nations will need to nourish their young with Education and health and enable the old to retire forth early enough. The companies themselves cannot be relied upon to provide these to their workers’ families as they can always do future hiring from well-nourished pools available elsewhere.
If, on the contrary, nation states are to continue to be the primary force in one’s life, then businesses and corporate bodies need to pay their taxes for the upkeep of society, and stressing the individual over collectives demands that more taxes be collected towards it from income that businesses generate rather than what they pay the individuals for their contributions to it.

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