July 16, 2012

Slash ~Remold

/remold (#Simplify $rebalance)
As Opposed to both Slash&Burn and Tax&Spend:

• Simple Tax Code, Low Rates
(If possible, reverse the encouragement to massive debt taking)
• Cut to Labyrinthine Govt Procedurecracy, Appellate Paraphernalia & Unuseful Departments
• Smart, Swift, Legal Immigration of tax-potent Professionals
• Smart Reorg of pensions and their funding
• Slash and burn Corporate, Executive and Businessman handouts.
• Direct Delivery of Affordable Public Education and Infrastructure
• Qualified Apology for private player bailouts of 2008-09 (necessary evil at the time)

• Managed Market Bottom for Housing Prices
• Right to Bankruptcy on Student Debt

• Vision Statement on College Prices with Merit Admissions (as opposed to ability to pay fees or daredevilry to take heavy debt, procure recommendation letters and ghost-written personal stories)
• Verbal encouragement-popularization of {self study --> get tested-graded-branded} Education paradigm as a solid alternative to attending college.

Oh, how I wish this were not Blogger, but Survey Monkey!

Anyway, start from the top and keep moving downwards...Methinks.

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