July 21, 2012

American Capitalism: Pop and Vintage

I published a post on Nolanchart on American pop Capitalism, while also touching upon the vintage.

The key point is:

Vintage Capitalism had already given way to Pop Capitalism, and the crisis of 2008 forced a series of implosions in the tenets of the latter. It was a great opportunity for the vintage, tea party Capitalism to reclaim its place, but that did not happen despite successes in 2010.

Pop Capitalism stands gutted for the moment, and a leader that ushers forth a new era, of simpler laws and taxes - that do not need attorney representation complex to comply with - with solid public services and utilities and no Corporate welfare, risks getting blemished as a Socialist, Charlatan, and Destroyer of American Ethos, for accepting lower growth rate (compared to some mythical baseline) for stability.

Click on image below to read the full piece:

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