May 23, 2011

Why We Hate the Government

It, however, does not mean Absent-Government is any answer. The answer lies in vigilant citizenry/voters
Many Government Departments have a strange way of working. They make circuitous, horrendous rules and formulas and expect the regular folks to be able to follow them. Any mistakes made are a liability to the person concerned. Even the high and the mighty, and the highly educated, are not able to escape – when they are found on the wrong side of this crap, they beget titles like Turbo Tax Geithner and the like! Government does oftentimes make life complicated and burdensome.

Government Departments such as the IRS need to reverse their ways of working. For example, they have ALL the information about a tax payer that works for a salary, his/her bank accounts, as well as trading accounts. These are all linked to one’s Social Security Number. Why not its systems compute the tax liability and send out a payment/reimbursement advice, showing the calculations. Let the person challenge it if something is inaccurate or not taken into consideration. If the IRS under-computed the tax, it’s their mistake for which the taxpayer is not liable. This will become an example of Positive Government.

Because many of our dealings with the Government are inconvenient and messy, people oppose ALL Government programs, even the ones that are needed for a civilized, equal opportunity, individual liberty society to smoothly function. It’s quite a shame that the teacher/student ratios are falling in schools, and they cut important personality shaping music and culture activities, while public Universities are getting out of reach of most people (many girls actually going into prostitution via internet sites to pay for tuition – this is as ridiculous as it gets).

Whereas it is the right thing to reject bureaucracy and file/email pusher jobs in Government (or even private sector for that matter), and the compliance headache that the procedures they create to make/keep themselves relevant slaps on We the governed, there is no need to throw the baby with the bathwater.

Access to affordable Education is the minimum positive responsibility of the State, followed by Healthcare. State Organization is not merely for protecting contracts, private property and from external aggression. The answer lies in vigilant citizenry/voters.

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