March 6, 2013

Privatized Socialism!

When social ends cannot be left to private profits, the activity is often socialized. But some societies try to do the socialization with a wrapper of private play, and reap the worst of both Worlds.

Case in point is the American Healthcare.

The socialization, and the essentialness of it, has the prospect of getting captive buyers into Health Insurance which bills private sector prices, and captive private sector prices at that. Then they conveniently make mistakes in disbursing the benefits. And we got to run around "Appealing!" their wrong decisions, while the child that needs the treatment, whose parent and his employer paid for the coverage for that treatment all the years, has to wait in agony.

WoW! Appeal to a private sector business for their own mistakes in disbursing benefits for which you've been paying them since forever. Seriously, Appeal!!!! And you can forget about receiving an apology at the end of it. After all, was an Appeal that was...granted !

Same anguish, different context:

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