February 27, 2013

Good Ideas: Sequester, Taxes, Entrepreneurship, Entitlements

Fixing Sequester
Unmeatcleaverize it, choose wisely.
If this were happening at State level, e.g. in Education, I would remove Superintendents with meaningless oversight responsibilities over 4 neighborhood schools and taking in $250K price tag, but actually add some teachers in all areas, including drama, music and arts.

Tax Reform
Take up tax reform and the much needed simplification separate from Sequester. Give most of the plugged tax code spending back as rate cuts. Low marginal tax rates and simple tax and other laws do motivate one to aspire and earn more.

Liberate Entrepreneurs: Home raised and Foreign
Complex litigable laws, regulatory labyrinth and potential business creators tethered to employer's Visa and permanent residence sponsorship makes an Entry Barrier Economy where the inefficient get to thrive and suck welfare for maintaining jobs. That's not a strong economy, much less can it stay the World's foremost economy.

Entitlements Rollback
Combine Entitlement Savings (again, a non meat cleaver approach e.g. to cutting Medicare by choosing obnoxious payments over coverage) with residue from tax loophole removals and rate cuts.
Especially where rest of the policy is to drive out high income workers by not renewing work permits and hacking their permanent residence apps, makes little sense trying to defend the Entitlements Monster, it's quite a Lost Cause.

Looks like some of the above is where things are going, and is squarely a good thing. And the theater and the spinmaking on TV is darn entertaining as well.

Cutting is not way to prosperity but not cutting could be doom,....unless DC was right that "deficits don't matter anymore". This blogger has his doubts on that, but it is squarely a faith issue. You don't want to experiment and find out the truth!

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