February 20, 2013

Fair Shot (@) Entrepreneurship

Fair Shot, Competition and New Business Formation, Non Dependence - thru Simple Business and Immigration Laws & Paperless Compliance

The Seminal issues of the times are:

Fair Shot - as opposed to crony Capitalism, entrenchment and unaffordability of Education except through immense debt slavery.

Non Dependence - reduce dependence of individuals on Gov directly as also remove Gov obligation to spend to stem failure of a private for-profit business to prevent unemployment.

Indentured Labor - either the working person does not have legal status, or is undergoing an employer sponsored permanent residence process that takes forever, with the obligation to stick to the employer until the end of the rainbow.

An important angle in the solution is to delink employer from the Permanent Residence application, albeit the Guest Worker entry process can be Employer + Market based.

UnIndenturing of workers will enable new, more efficient businesses and employment, while advancing the cause of "Fair Shot" at self-made success and achievement.

But Fair Shot will take more.

Currently, the legal framework of business involves a ton of compliance paperwork that needs to be filed every year, and regulations leave a lot to judicial interpretation and harmonious constructs in litigation when a violation is actually alleged or suspected. This creates a huge, artificial entry barrier for new businesses (competitors). The existing companies have learnt to navigate legal waters and are entrenched in their position for reason that has little to do with how efficiently they produce or manage their business.
Needless to say that this is neither Capitalistic efficiency nor an advancer of fair shot.

The barrier of unclear laws and stifling compliance paperwork is also an absolute barrier - that is, it is an entry barrier even independent of the existing businesses.
And that makes it worse from another angle...

When new businesses have small possibility of springing up, the existing businesses become intensely important to the economy and for public sanity. If they are mismanaged, the Gov of the day gets armtwisted into not letting them fail, to spend as much as it takes to do that - proactively as also reactively when a really big one is going down on its mismanagement.

It is this author's clear opinion that a vital dimension of the solution to public deficits and dependent economy is competition & new business formation. The latter is enabled when:
- the immigration process is delinked from employer sponsorship and only based on taxes paid and laws followed through the years of presence. Employer sponsorship ought only be required for the initial entry as a Guest Worker.
- The legal framework of business is simple and free of judicial interpretation and harmonious construction in an actual litigation.

Without these there is only entrenchment and deficits on Corporate Welfare, not fair shot.

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