January 28, 2013

God Exists..!

The unimaginable, yet the most desirable of coalitions, might have a chance of happening. Not talking about the particular Senator in this story, but the mid left and the far right just need to craft a mutual adjustment where a humane yet robust Economy can sustain on a solid currency.

The guys in the middle are upto no good. They know top-down business welfare when they feel confident that "deficits don't matter" or they will cut human services when deficit is in focus.

It is important to realize that a business creates good, and well paying, jobs when they need good workers to win and retain customers, not when Gov is raining money by procuring stuff nobody needs, for the sake of saving employment. It's like when the Federal Reserve is throwing near interest free money at the banks, who needs our money, and the rates we land are pathetic.

The coming together of the mid Left and Far right can herald an era that saves the currency while ensuring that essential investments on the younger generation are made. This coalition holds the promise of:

1. Salary and Pension Reforms (read: rightsizing) in the Public Sector: Federal and State. It does not make sense to pay outrageous 200 grand for overseeing 4 schools, and half that as lifelong pension.

2. Gut Corporate Welfare - It is not good for workers and professionals - it reduces us to mere hostages that the CEO can threaten to fire if more money is not doled to him and look successful.

3. Ensure citizen services are not gutted, including holistic child development along his/her choice and interest areas in public schools. Like mental health and support structure for children with a different brain wiring that needs a different development and learning approach.

Only a colloperation of the mid Left and Far Right can yield a strong currency on well managed Gov finances, while not losing the very things for which all public management exists for: Namely, every individual receiving the space to actualize one's talent and interest.

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