August 10, 2012

Deficits Against Positive Value

Deficits, or even spending covered by taxes, that redistribute wealth and income upwards create a new road to serfdom, one where we desperately hope for a few trickle down jobs from the well perched and pampered. Deficits that simply redistribute downwards, with no value delivered, demotivate individual achievement.

There has to be a better way than both of the above. One of open merit achievement, like an Olympics race - yesterday's winner does not receive maintenance to stay a winner today, nor the son of yesterday's winner for that matter; One that ensures investment into, and opens opportunities for, the meritorious young, while saving the prior generation from a virtually mandated work life that never ends; and One that steers clear of, indeed slashes, the overdone Government procedurism and suffocation it mounts; Where mild disinflation is the policy hope, not inflation as the intent.

From my post A New Economic Orientation:


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