November 5, 2011

Insights for the Tea Party from Herman Cain and # Occupy Wall Street

Corporations and Its Controllers, and Government Departments, are More People than People - Is the Issue of the Times, Not Small Govt-Big Govt as much ~

The Tea Party phenomenon was a very powerful one in 2010. It prevented any chance of US policy going Socialist. But it left one, even more powerful promise, that it had held out, undone and indeed just withdrew from it. While keeping its focus on cutting Entitlements, and unfocusedly cutting Government across the board, the Tea Party walked away from the more important, more immediately relevant, issues of inverted socialism, and faceless organizations having become more important than natural humans. In this withdrawal, the Tea Party has lost the imagination of the independent voters, and it is now the Occupy Wall Street movement that has this imagination for freedom from the Corporate and Government nooses. It’s the nooses we want freedom from, not necessarily getting rid of all Government and Corporation presence. Like, we want a neighbor to stop dumping his trash in our frontyard, not necessarily getting rid of the neighbor with whom we do enjoy the socializing!

The end goals of the Tea Party are a near total elimination of Government and its programs, and it’s not an illegitimate agenda in itself, albeit one that will need a lot of convincing, and is attainable only in several steps. The first step is to first deliver on the promises that got it the support from the independent voters in 2010. Right now that promise is being championed by the OWS movement, not the Tea Party. The Tea Partiers see the end goal of the OWS as the exact opposite of that of the Tea Party – even though the OWS movement has no unanimity on all these other goals peripheral to ending Corporate and Executive Welfare. The Tea Party members have only tried to badmouth the OWS, and withdrawn from ending the feudal mechanism of handing out money to Corporate Executives to distribute jobs with, a mechanism that doesn’t even work while worsening the public deficit - for the Executives keep nearly all of it, showing the Tea Party rants against bailouts and corporate welfare to mere lip service for gathering votes.

The recent Herman Cain debacle around alleged sexual harassment incidents brings to fore the power that faceless organizations have in silencing natural human persons. There are legal processes where an employee’s future can be decided by interaction between the employer and a Government Department, where it doesn’t even matter who or what the person is, like s/he were a mere number. Such ridiculous scenarios are found not just in sexual harassment situations at the workplace but also others, such as the employment based immigration process. The Top-Down handout Economy, where Gov provides Topline and Bottomline to Businesses, is the worst deal for good workers, for it makes them uncritical to business success, and you get more exploitation, including sexual advances with impunity; what else can you get from the guy who thinks he is employing you as charity!?

Faceless Organizations and their higher importance in the eyes of the legal system than natural persons, the rent collection by the people that are at the helm of these organizations and have become the route for Government grants to reach to the intended targets - without any effective discipline, Government or Market - is the issue of the times, not Smaller or Bigger Government by itself. There’s no way for the Tea Party to bypass, and not deliver upon, this key issue, yet stay relevant and achieve the rest of its agenda: Inverted Socialism has to be removed first; only then can there be credibility in engaging with people on the entirety of socialistic policies.

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