September 29, 2011

The Best Way to Kill Entrepreneurship is to Nanny It ~ Dilbert

From Scott Adam's blogpost: The Best Way to Kill Creativity:
I wonder if the best way to kill creativity is to encourage it.
This notion will take some explaining.

Humans don't need to come up with new ideas when everything is running smoothly. We need creativity when we're threatened and all of the usual defenses are deemed inadequate. In other words, the best way to generate creativity is to induce hardship on humans, which would be unethical. Conversely, the best way to reduce creativity is to - wait for it - make things nice and comfortable for creative people. In other words, any ethical attempt to encourage creativity will have the unintended effect of killing it.
Devil's Advocates will point out that I've previously said my best ideas come during a relaxing shower. Surely that disproves my idea that hardship is necessary to produce creativity.
But I'll bet the relaxing shower only helps creative people who feel threatened or uncomfortable in their lives outside the shower stall.
Equally True of Entrepreneurship: The Best way to Kill it is by Encouraging it.

When the Top tax rates were in the stratosphere, Reaganomic Supply Side Boons came in like that cool (or warm) shower, but they have overdone their soothing. Doing more Reaganomics will kill its own baby.

Supply Side Econ been a spent force for a while, degenerating from a once Practical Stimulant of Entrepreneur led growth, to now the Philosophical fount for a handout economy, with Governments increasingly entrapping themselves as responsible and empowered to ensure "private sector" Toplines and Bottomlines with purchase and tax stimulants.

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