March 14, 2011

Hey It's 2011 !

It is the 21st Century. We are getting devastating Earthquakes of Richter intensity of 9. And we seem to be simply unable to withstand anything beyond a 7.5. The Economy today is seeking a fulcrum to lift itself. The Dotcom, followed by property, fulcrums are lost. But man's quest to shield himself from nature's fury is still around. It's time to give vent to it, while also seeding Employment in the process. Even if one finds the thought of fighting or resisting nature (aka 'God') repulsive, doesn't human society, at least, deserve to give to itself a dependable disaster recovery logistics service, like the fire service? There is IMMENSE work to be done in this utility area, people to be hired in large numbers; as also in Geological/Seismic Research; in Construction Research and Engineering, to find and commercialize new construction materials - to be able to build structures that can withstand a Richter Scale 10 quake, even higher.

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