January 26, 2011

Corporate Plunder ¦ Regulation @ Blunder in Slumber.

-- Action Past Due by Couple DECADES --


Is really a Poll result is needed for this!? This follows from the very conceptualization of Corporatized Business Organization.

Moreover, In the times where even the Public Machinery, which is Sovereign over Currency issue, is being asked to go Frugal and Conservative, to even provide fundamental societal needs like Education and Infrastructure, while Companies want to hire new personnel at lower payouts and benefits, in the name of Competitiveness:
  1. How can there be a party at the top, divorced from the Results (which need close scrutiny for trueness) and shareholder expectations - for real profit, not just capital gains in a market manipulated on loose monetary policy.
  2. How can you have Companies asking for Welfare.
  3. It's Time for not just Govt but also companies to Go Back to Basics.
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