September 26, 2010

SURVIVAL of the Fittest -- Whazzat!?

Robert Reich (Republican Economics as Social Darwinism)

The fittest that survive in evolution are those that are fittest PHYSICALLY.
If we are stupid enough to allow this adage in civilized society, it would imply that the guy with no job should pounce on the next man he can find that is weaker than him and take his money -- to keep going for some more time, until it's time again...

The whole idea of mankind progressing to tame nature / creating protective shield has been that we can give "survival of only the fittest" A DECENT BURIAL, no matter how one defines fittest.

Surely you cannot, and should not, make everyone artificially equal - that'll kill individual achievement and slow further progress - but survival and treatment of illness needs to be a guarantee in contemporay human society. And did Imention Equitable access to the paraphernalia for individual progress - basic and University Education.
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